Prayers request

Pray for us,wish to have more wisdom, more energy for the Lord ministry among different people.

Pray for 5 leaders as volunteer from N.Thai and Lahu villages that who join with us in CD.process for their villages

Pray for 6 Board, 2 Thai staff, 2 Volunteer.

Pray for strong network with all of partners

Pray for situation of girl school families after fire killed their children last May 22 and ARLDF Thailand will follow up them in their villages 

ARLDF Thailand Community development and Extension Program for the Kingdom

                          ARLDF Thailand   was registered in Thailand last 2008. Mr. Joshua Ringer,American was the first director to 2010 and followed by Mr. Jethro Adang, Pilippinos  (2010-2013) April 2013 Presently,AjarnBandhit Dawaen is Thai director.

 ARLDF Thailand working with Thai people and other neighboring communities and countries. To facilitate the implementation of the plan, the following program is lay ousted  to be done for the 2016.  1) Facilitate leadership development of the churches and communities.  2) Conduct a Hill tribe network of development.  3) Conduct a community development process among the Northern Thai networks.  4) Facilitate a management and teamwork development among Staff and Volunteer workers   5) Facilitate  Build networks for international partnership in reaching ARLDF Thailand vision, mission and goal.

ARLDF Thailand running through  2 Thai staff  and  2 Volunteer(Filipino families) 5 Leaders of Communities Volunteer  and strong advice from 6 Thai Board members.

"That the poorest  among the poor will experience abundant life"


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